Living Room

Living Room Decor Ideas

The living room (also referred to as the lounge or sitting room) is one of the most important rooms within your home, providing a welcoming space where family and friends can put their feet up and relax. Our living room ideas listed below can help and improve your living room, providing decor ideas that you can implement in your home.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at some of our living room decor ideas and start improving your home today.

We focus on many different areas of the living room, bringing in different ideologies and beliefs from around the globe so that you can optimise your home to the best of your ability. This will mean taking a look at different sofas (or couches), tables, chairs and more features of the room.

Some of the different styles we look at include ideas for small living rooms, large living rooms, modern, traditional and many other styles of decorating. Interested in the bohemian style? Check out our bohemian styling page with many other interior styling pages being showcased on our site!


Living room planning and decorating

Before decorating your living room there are a few key points to focus on first in the planning stages. For example, how many people do you expect to be using your living room? Say there are 4 of you in the house, you need to consider people visiting, so you need to consider the average for the family and friends that visit. This may mean that you need more seating areas than first originally planned to avoid making your home feel cramped and cluttered when a few extra visitors turn up. This can be done by incorporating bean bags into the room as not to over clutter.

Over cluttering is not often considered, however this should be at the forefront of your thoughts when buying furniture for your room. Ideally you should have at least a 50 cm spacing around each piece of furniture of your room to avoid this, so make sure to create a diagram and plan of your room to scale prior to purchase.

On the off chance that you have more space to play with, bring the furniture far from the dividers to make a comfortable sitting zone. This works particularly well in open-design living spaces, zoning the unwinding territory from the avenues or eating, cooking and study zones. In the event that the back of your couch isn’t much to take a gander at, conceal it behind a low reassure table finished with ornamental articles.

A decent floor covering can likewise zone a living space, influencing it to feel more personal. Place the front legs of couches and seats on the carpet, departing the back legs off, to give confused furniture a more brought together feel.

On the off chance that your lounge room is your primary TV room, it’s implied that seating should be situated to give a decent perspective of the TV, and that it isn’t so far away that watchers need to squint. Front rooms without a TV give you the flexibility to pick an all the more stylishly satisfying point of convergence, regardless of whether it’s a period chimney, a fancy mirror or an announcement end table. On the off chance that you do have a TV yet don’t need it on indicate when you’re not watching it, you can simply conceal it away behind the entryways of an appealing TV stand.


Storage space within a living room

Great storage within your family room is nearly as critical as a decent lounge format. Jumble can develop rapidly in a space that is utilised by the entire family unit consistently, so it’s imperative that everything has its ideal place.

An end table with drawers or a shrouded rack is ideal for keeping remote controls inside reach yet beyond anyone’s ability to see. Footrests that open up to uncover a mystery stockpiling compartment are another perfect cleaning trap, particularly in little family rooms. Open racking is incredible for books and trimmings, however it’s valuable to have some sort of cabinet or pantry stockpiling in your front room also, where you can hide things like PCs and different things that you don’t need in plain view. Make sure to leave a lot of space for any furniture with entryways or drawers to open appropriately.


Living room lighting ideas

Lounge rooms are multi functional spaces, so they require lighting for all the distinctive undertakings they have to perform. To begin with, you’ll require a general light source – a roof pendant light, for instance – that will light the room at darker circumstances of day when the family unit are processing about. Divider lights and table lights will give a milder sparkle when it’s an ideal opportunity to unwind. A movable perusing light by a comfortable seat will enable perusers to center around their book without amazing whatever is left of the room.

A formal, parlour-style family room requests enlivening lighting to inspire, regardless of whether it’s an announcement standard light or an originator crystal fixture. You may likewise consider including accent lighting, for example, a photo light to attract thoughtfulness regarding a most loved gem.

It’s a smart thought to have no less than two electrical circuits for your front room lighting – one for the principle light, and one for gentler lighting – and also dimmer switches so you can control the level of light to suit the season of day, errand and inclination.