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Interior design doesn’t have to include the whole house. At times you may just want to decorate or re-furnish a single room within your house.

If you’re struggling with your interior room styling ideas then you’ve come to the right place, as we have created an in depth article on each of the key rooms within a home and the most popular styling trends used today.

Click one of the following icons to view a full breakdown on that specific room, or check out our interior styling page if you’re looking for something more specific or perhaps the home essentials page where you can take a look at some of our recommended items to purchase!



Top 5 Most Popular Rooms in a Home

Living Room
Games Room

So it turns out that the most popular voted room in homes across the country is the kitchen coming in with 37% of the votes.Being a place where meals are prepared and more commonly than not eaten this isn’t a major surprise, but have you made sure that your kitchen is up-to-scratch for your house guests?

The living room and bedroom come in at a respective 2nd and 3rd with 24% and 21% of the votes. The vast majority of our daily lives are spent in these two rooms, and with a third of our lives being spent in bed – you should be making sure you have a bedroom to match!

The bathroom then comes in at 4th place, as the idea of having a spa-themed bathroom is becoming very popular in recent times and this would be reflected with the time spent in the room itself.

Finally we have the games room, commonly being used for things like a pool table, darts and even a drinks bar. This is one of the most exciting rooms in the house and can be tailor fit to meet your needs.

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