Using the Bohemian “Boho-chic” in your dining room

Using the Bohemian “Boho-chic” in your dining room

Bohemian interior design, regularly referred to as “boho” or “boho-chic” is a style of decorating that became popular during the 1960s and 1970s, although it is more than likely that the roots of bohemian interiors can be traced back further than this. The essence of bohemian design is focusing on free and flowy fabrics used in a creative manner and can be used very effectively in your dining room.

Quite often this will involve brightly coloured cushions, sofas and drapes, with flags quite often being strung on wall faces.

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The Bohemian style of decorating is traditionally for those that want to emphasise life, culture and elaborate decorations in an open display of dining room styling. This will normally create a carefree and relaxed mood in visitors as this really does openly embrace free spirit, which is ideal for enjoyment while dining at home. That said, bohemian style homes do tend to share similarities here and there (despite no two homes being exactly alike). In terms of making a home your own then a bohemian interior is the one for you.

Common colours used within Boho-Chic

Although boho-chic is fairly easily recognisable, there are no definitive rules when it comes to colour schemes. Warm earthy colours are quite common as well as metallics (commonly used within the walls and flooring) with vibrant textures and colours then being used for the fabrics incorporated around the room in the form of tapestries and art. The idea is to think personal… white has no room in an bohemian style dining room.

Make sure to mix many different types of patterns and don’t be afraid to use colours that generically would clash, as this is the perfect mix for boho-chic. Make sure that you layer throws onto furniture, hand tapestries from the wall and incorporate decorative cushions and dining table fabrics were possible.

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Bohemian-style decorative materials

The key to creating a great bohemian dining room style interior is to mix and match different materials and styles. Sisal, burlap, silk and chenille are all great options and can be used together to create a diversity of material and textures. However, all materials need to have a slightly worn look opposed to looking new, as this will keep the effect behind “a story for every item”. Fringes are also very popular for decorative boho-chic pieces, and can be used on pillows, curtains, lampshades and dining table covers

Bohemian furniture, decorations and accessories

The ideology behind most bohemian furniture and decorations is that it should tell a story, as this makes a room feel a lot more personal that simple store-bought decor. Many people disagree with this however as a personal element can simply be created by the way an item can make you feel, so this cannot be strictly followed. Second hand vintage items fit right in due to this.

The dimensions of a piece of furniture are not so much considered when looking at filling your boho-chic style room, as dimensions fall less important behind the personalisation of an item. This means that there are very few restrictions and can really expand the possibilities of additions to a room.

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Surprisingly the most common found items within a bohemian style home is actually from the Victorian era. Essentially what you should be thinking is fainting couches with a layered throw and dark carved-frame wood used with standing mirrors. Boho-style can alter and adapt almost any style of furniture, quite often for the better.

Accessories and decoration in boho rooms should almost tell a story, describing in detail the person that lives there, which in turn creates some great storytelling while dining with friends and family. Extravagant accessories like ornate boxes, maps, photographs from your travels, vintage bottles and other oddities would fill out a room well. Bohemians are well known for travelling and expanding their knowledge of other cultures, so showcasing items collected on their travels would be a great idea. Just because the generic opinion of bohemian is “offbeat”, you shouldn’t ignore more glamorous items such as crystal chandeliers and ornate gold mirrors and photo frames. Remember, bohemian is about showcasing YOUR preference and personality, so don’t be afraid to include what YOU want.

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