The Benefits of French Country interior styling for your kitchen

The Benefits of French Country interior styling for your kitchen

When you think of the french countryside you’re instantly filled with images of vineyards, old brick buildings and a sunny backdrop – which is why the french country interior design style is so great. Every time you go home and open the door you’re reminded of that sunny trip abroad which can lead to increase relaxation and even reduced stress levels.

French country interiors for kitchens all generically hold the same key traits which is a rustic, traditional style and always welcoming. This particular look fits very well into both country houses and old chateaux. If you want to make your guests feel at home the moment they walk into your kitchen the door, then french country is the style for you.

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Colours used within the french-country style

Many different colours have been and can be used within the french country style. Bright and sunny yellows and mild golds, fiery reds and burnt, damaged rust and bright grass coloured greens are just some of the options available for your use. A variety of different blues are also quite commonly used, ranging from a dark cobalt blue to a softer summer sky type tone.

With these mixed and varied colours you need to add some shaded tones, faded black and dull greys are ideal for decorations and accessories throughout the room. Rusted metal used with lighting and furniture in your kitchen will also help give further warmth and highlight the different shades of colour used throughout your kitchen area.

It’s quite typical within french country interiors to use pieces with contrasting texture and colour. For example, a pale plaster wall coupled with dark wooden beams really draws focus to both the tone and shading of the room and will also highlight the colour throughout. Coloured printed fabrics can be used with a neutral-toned sofa to complement this also.


Commonly used materials

An important factor of the french country style is to use natural materials as a foundation throughout your kitchen space. This can include stained plaster walls, wooden beams and ceiling holds, decorative wooden carvings and textured fabrics all give a range of different textures. Using natural stone for flooring and even a fireplace can really bring back the natural look and highlight the french country roots. Coupled with a thick rug, this style will really add warm to your kitchen interior.

As previously discussed, architectural features like stone walls, hearths and floors, distressed raw wood ceiling beams, and stained plaster walls all form the shape of a home decorated in the french country style. Coupled with either new or reproduction rustic furniture, hand carved wooden patterns and an armoire really can bring life to your home and completely wrap up this traditional french look.

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