Should I use industrial decor in my kitchen?

Should I use industrial decor in my kitchen?

The industrial kitchen design style is perhaps one of the most popular interior design choices to date, with a wide range of options being available for those with a large or low budget. Due to the nature of the style, a rustic and battered-looking piece of furniture is more than acceptable, meaning a huge design budget is not always needed.

Industrial decor in your kitchen however can be fairly hard to choose, which is why we’ve picked some of our favourite pieces for a good value for money, meaning anyone can take advantage of our industrial home design expertise!

There are many benefits to having the industrial interior design style, one of which (and perhaps the best reason) is that you can hide ugly pipework and wiring in plain sight. Coupled with the right room features, this will just add to the industrial home design as this is expected and almost encouraged. Does your cooking require large ventilation tubes? That’s fine, leave it there. Many people actually install metal tubes and pipes in their home just to get this style pushed further, even if its not needed.

Many people believe that they need to go above and beyond to really push the feel of their home, but this is not the case. Industrial decor really can be taken to the bare minimum, with perhaps a retro, rustic looking lighting system and a metal/ reclaimed wood table and chairs in the middle of the room being enough.

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Common Features Of Industrial Design for Kitchens

The possibilities when incorporating an industrial design into your home are almost endless, however there a few things to incorporate that will almost guarantee the success of your industrial interior styling:

Exposed ducts and pipes

Pipes and ducts are commonly hidden within homes in this day and age. Within industrial interiors this is often ignored and pipes and ducts are left on show, which not only pushed the industrial style look but can also make alterations to a room cheaper as the behind the scenes work can be left oh show.

This can also work very well when incorporating lighting into a room, as the two can be intertwined to produce a look that gives the exposed pipes value.

Using wooden and metal shelving really brings us back to basics, as this rough generic style has been used for hundreds of years, most prominently in the industrial era. Using metallic fridges in your kitchen would also further highlight this look.

Using both materials together, preferable stainless steel and reclaimed wood (although this can be down to personal preference) will work very well within a home and really push the industrial interior style.

An Industrial staircase

An industrial-style steel staircase offers a brilliant alternative to the traditional and commonly used wooden staircase found in most homes today, as this can really be used as an integral part of the overall interior design of your home. A metal staircase is also very versatile design wise which means that much more can be achieved with a steel staircase than with a wooden one.

Steel structure staircases are more often than not highly contemporary, with shapes and design being tailored to the metals key features and highlighted accordingly. With the right structural elements, the industrial steel staircase can be extremely durable and made to last a lifetime – which makes the industrial style stairs a great investment for your home.

As interior design experts we recommend tailoring your industrial staircase to your specific needs. Would adding some durable clear glass to the handrail help? then do it. Incorporating some timber onto the steps to create a more natural and light look would also work too in many cases, so experiment around with it. If you’ve got any questions or need some industrial design advice, contact us today!

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The benefits of industrial style stainless steel surfaces in your kitchen

Not only do stainless-steel surfaces have a great aesthetic value towards the industrial style, but they also have the following benefits to you and your kitchen:

Fire/ heat resistance

Special high chromium and nickel-alloyed grades can both resist scaling and retain strength at high temperatures, reducing the risk of fire spread within your home.

Hygiene benefits

Stainless steel is very easy to clean due to the smooth surface and material. It is widely used in hospitals for this reason, so your home would definitely benefit from a stainless steel countertop in your kitchen!

Ease of use

Stainless steel can be cut, shaped and welded very easily due to modern day technology within the metal cutting industry, meaning that bespoke shapes can be cut with ease.

Long term value

When the total life cycle costs are considered, stainless is often the least expensive material option and will last a lifetime when kept in the right conditions..

Industrial style kitchen lighting

Industrial style lighting can really highlight a rooms features and is arguably one of the most important parts of any room. The tone of the lighting really gives this era its strengths, with a deep yellow glow flickering off of the metallic surfaces throughout the room.

Industrial lighting can include any of the following:

– Incandescent
– High intensity discharge
– Compact fluorescent
– Halogen

When people think of the colour grey quite often they think it bleak, dull and boring. However, when correctly implemented this is very far from the case. The colour grey was widely used in the industrial era and is a must when incorporating this style into your own home, so checks out a few things the colour actually stand for and can mean to those viewing your home.

– Grey is the colour that represents peace and balance.
– It is calm and safe.
– It plays up your light sources.
– There’s many different shades of grey that all mean different  things.

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