Which tiles should I buy for my living room?

Which tiles should I buy for my living room?

This is an inquiry we have gone over on numerous occasions. From our experience we have discovered that individuals like having tiles on their living room floor however they stress over specific factors, for example, the coldness, the look or the vibe.

See below for our seven favourite types of tile to incorporate into your living room!

1) Oak Tile

Some portion of the Rustic Wood Tiles extend, this stunningly sensible oak-impact tile highlighted in a current release of Channel 4’s Grand Designs Magazine; and it’s been overwhelming the UK from that point forward. It looks fantastically legitimate; with edges indented into the surface of the tile, and raised bunches. As should be obvious in the picture, this tile takes a gander at home in the living region.

wood tile

2) Tangier Floor Tiles

These eye-getting Tangier Floor Tiles will change dull living room floors into creative centrepieces. Made by praised fashioner Louisa Charlotte, the dazzling example will catch the creative energy of your visitors.


3) Split Face Tiles: Perfect for Living Areas
Make a one of a kind and rousing presentation in your living room with these incredible Split Face Mosaic Tiles. Produced using lengths regular slate, they will give a finished, contemporary appearance to your dividers. They’re accessible in a few shades; from the dim and futuristic, through to the light and encompassing. There’s a Split face Mosaic Tile for everybody.


4) Vintage Wood Tiles
Vintage is back, and like nothing anyone’s ever seen! These Vintage Wood Tiles will convey an up-to-date parquet complete to your living room floors. Wood impact flooring is extremely popular this year, and they don’t come substantially more sensible than this! They have grains and bunches in the surface of the tile; giving it that rich genuine feel. They’re likewise more sturdy than genuine wood.

vintage wood tiles

5) Country Farmhouse Multi-Colour Slate Tiles
Bring the nation investigate your living room with these perfect multi colour Natural Slate Tiles. The staggering mixes of darker, red and dim will convey character to the room. The Country Farmhouse look is to a great degree in vogue this year.


6) Crocodile Tiles
A standout amongst the most captivating architect tiles you could add to your living room this year is the Crocodile Tile. The sparkle clay divider tiles are established to give the connection of reptilian skin. It’s accessible in both highly contrasting; so you can either pick a dim, advanced approach, or a light, chic look. It will give an extremely exceptional complete to your home.

croc tiles

7) Vintage Wood Plank Tiles
These beautiful wood impact tiles will give your living room a slick, contemporary feel. The light shade of the White Tile gives the impression of room. It can make even the littlest of rooms appear to be significantly bigger. It’s accessible in a few darker shades, as well.


But why should I use tiles in my living room?

These tiles look great, but why exactly should I be using tile in my living room over the traditional wooden flooring and carpet? Well here are the top 5 reasons why you ought to get tiling for your living room floor.

1. Tiles are the cleanest kind of ground surface you can have

In the UK customary deck throughout the years for bathrooms and kitchens has dependably been cover. After this there was where lino was extremely prominent as it was cleaner than cover, yet despite everything it wasn’t the perfect arrangement as it additionally had ruins like its shortcoming. It wasn’t exceptionally sturdy so it never truly kept going an excessive number of years. Aside from this the plastic feel on our feet was never the most pleasant. Just over the most recent two decades or so did we proceed onward to tiles and wood flooring for our kitchens and bathrooms and we haven’t thought back since. The cleaning of tiles and wood flooring has dependably been significantly less demanding at that point cover. In the event that you have cover all through your living room investigate it, there will undoubtedly be little bits of earth and lighten regardless of whether it has been hoovered as of late. It’s the idea of cover, there is no chance to get around it. Every single tiled floor require is a range and a clean and they’ll look as decent as the day they were laid (nearly as pleasant).

cleaning the floor tiles

2. Underfloor warming is great

This is most likely the greatest stress clients have while pondering purchasing earthenware, porcelain or marble tiles for their living room floor: “The coldness factor”. Well the arrangement as the subtitle proposes has been available for quite a long while now, and it works really well, it’s called electrical underfloor warming. At Tile Ideas it’s protected to state we have provided several customers with tiles and underfloor warming for their living room or bedroom floor and 9 times out of 10 one of their inquiries has dependably been: “Will tiles be cool on my feet?”. Out of each one of those customers not a solitary one of them has returned with chilly feet and a dismal look all over.

The truth of the matter is at one time the underfloor warming has been associated legitimately and the tiles have been laid, most clients appreciate that smooth touch of the tiles joined with the comfortable warmth ascending through them . The excellence with present day underfloor warming is that you can choose the territories you need it in, set the temperature you need it at and set it to go ahead and go off at whatever point you need it to, especially like a water evaporator. So the cool shivery chill you will get going through your body from the tiles is just in your creative ability.

underfloor heating

3. The running expenses of underfloor warming are low

When individuals have engaged tiling their floor and putting in the warming despite everything they have another stress which to be very legitimate, is reasonable, this is the running expense. Most clients immovably trust that electric warming for floors will be costly. The fact of the matter is the establishment is most likely the primary cost. The following is a table of normal running expenses of electrical underfloor warming.

We can see that the normal day by day cost of running it in a decent measured living room and kitchen is about £1.32. We should keep in thought that this number is a gauge made on a normal use of 16 hours per day. This honestly is over the best, the prescribed utilisation is typically a couple of hours toward the beginning of the day and some more at night. This all relies upon whether you will have the utilisation of focal warming nearby it, at the end of the day if the underfloor warming is your sole technique for warming the room or on the off chance that you will utilise focal warming and you need some additional glow getting through the floor tiles. In any case, most clients who proceed with underfloor warming don’t consider a measure of £1.32 a day for 16 hours of warming a tremendous cost in when compared with living expenses.

low cost flooring

4. Tiles are strong and last longer than wood or carpet

As specified in our fourth point, tiles don’t recolour. Aside from this they are solid and strong. A tiled floor is probably going to look fit as a fiddle a long time in the wake of being laid. Regardless of whether there are breakages or splits after some time these individual tiles can simply be supplanted. With covered floors there are more negatives, in time they can look caution, pitiful and worn out. The stains and soil will in the end get instilled in the strands and these filaments themselves will get worn out and caution out. Every one of these elements set up together will influence your covered floor to age significantly speedier then a tiled one.

strong tiles

5. Tiles don’t recolour

After a few years of having rugs on your floor you will begin to see stains showing up. Regardless of whether it’s red wine, tomato sauce or some other creation stains have ended up being difficult to expel from floor coverings, it is the idea of the material and shockingly it’s simply the way it is. Tiles then again don’t have this issue, most stains can be wiped or scoured off tiles even after they have dried. On the off chance that essential cleaning up fluid won’t carry out the activity a harder stain remover will take mind it. The same shockingly can’t be said in regards to rugs.

worn carpet