Top 10 interior design trends for 2018

interior design trends of 2018

We’ve picked out the top 10 interior styling trends of 2018, highlighting their growth within the industry and why/ how they’re so effective.

If you’ve found any other trends in your own research then by all means let us know, as we love to hear your own thoughts on the matter!

1. Spa style bathrooms

Spa style bathrooms are quickly becoming one of the most popular trends within the bathroom industry. With modern lives being so stressful due to home and work stress, its  ice to have a place that has a spa-like relaxation to it.

Whirlpool baths in particular would be a great addition, as they create a flow throughout the water, heat increases and betters circulation, buoyancy supports body weight and relieves pressure on muscles and overall has a completely massaging effect on the body.

Key Features:

  • Heavy use of marble/ light coloured stone
  • Large mirrors can create an eternity-style effect
  • The use of artificial plants creates a natural and soothing feel
  • Incorporated candles onto worktops gives a calming effect
bathroom lighting
bathroom spa flooring

2. Utilising Textures

The use of textures is essential when it comes to interior styling, no matter what style you choose to go with. In recent times the use of wood and brick has been a very popular choice, creating a traditional look within your home.

With this textures in particular the use of fauna and flora can work well, giving a diverse and natural/ earthy look to any room. When picking a plant for your house make sure to note the detail of its leaves, in particular the patterns and textures.

  • Mirrors – Nothing adds more dimensions and light than a well-placed mirror.
  • Pin-tucking – Small gathers take a flat weave and make it iconic.
  • Wallpaper – Either grass-cloth or a complex pattern can really enlarge a rooms ego.
  • Jute – Mirroring the colour of the floor, it can add a woven interest .
  • Lace – Lace curtains can really stand out and create textural shadows all throughout your home.

10 ways to add texture to a room:

  • Fur – Animal lover? Go faux.
  • Wood grain – Wood floors, tables and chairs – it all works!
  • Wainscoting – White walls can add dimension while making the rooms other features stand out.
  • Tufting – Also try nail-head trim.
  • Tile – The small variations in tone are all the rage.
stone texture
room textures
wood texture

3. Pattern plants

Pattern plants can be extremely beneficial for any home, as they not only bring in a nice natural touch but they can also purify air and help with general relaxation.

Pattern plants are well known to correspond with both wooden and brick textures (see above), however they can be used within many different styles of home. Below is a a list of some of the best house plants to have, along with some of their known benefits.

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

The peace lily is easy to grow and blooms large white flowers, bringing light into your home.

Rubber plant (Ficus elastica)

A beautiful house plant/ tree from South Asia with large, dark green and burgundy waxy leaves. Works very well placed in the corner of the room.

English Ivy (Hedera helix)

English ivy is a commonly used cascading plant, normally used in bathrooms and kitchen areas.

Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata)

This super-popular plant is great as it is basically impossible to kill (perfect for the neglectful adult).

pattern plant
house plants
hanging house plant

4. Terrazzo

Terrazzo was traditionally used for flooring in Italian palaces, then later in mid-century offices and public spaces due to its extraordinary durability and eye-catching effect. It is made of stone and/ or resin chips set in concrete, producing a decorative yet inexpensive material.

Terrazzo is most commonly used for decorative stairways or extravagant flooring. Being such an iconic design it really makes a room stand out, and at such a reasonable price this is definitely something to consider incorporating into your own home.


5. Iconic ceilings

An iconic ceiling can shape the look and feel for any room and is often considered one of the most overlooked parts of interior styling. Implemented correctly and within the right space it can really open your home up to many different design aspects.

Although it can somewhat depend on the existing architecture of the house, an iconic ceiling can also be created using a few different tools and ideas – meaning almost everyone can utilise this commonly overlooked practise.

Ways to create an iconic ceiling:

There are multiple different ways that you can create your own iconic ceiling, such as the following:

  • Lighting
  • Beams/ supports
  • Textures
  • Hanging furnishings
  • Ceiling-high decor features
ceiling interior styling
iconic ceiling

6. Neutral colour schemes

The neutral colour schemes are fast becoming some of the industry favourites for a variety of different reasons, but what is a neutral colour scheme? Essentially neutral means without colour, utilising variants of beige, ivory, black, grey and other variants of this.

Although neutral colour schemes are generically without ANY colour involved, the addition of a brightly coloured pillow or some stand out curtains can add an additional “pop” to the room, drawing attention from elsewhere.

Here are some of our top tips for neutral colour schemes:

  • Utilise textures
  • Use different shades of grey
  • Pick the perfect accent colour
  • Utilise nature
  • Work a theme
neutral interior styling
bedroom interior styling

7. Dark wood

There’s a stigma around using dark colours within a room and quite often people consider using these colours to be gloomy and depressing. Some people even consider using this colour schemes to potential  reduce the size of the room, making it feel claustrophobic. But nothing could be further from the truth. When dark palettes are implemented properly they are cosy, dramatic and full of life – and can even be used within many different interior styles.

Take a look at some of the ways in which you can implement this scheme into your own home:

  • Coffee tables
  • Support beams
  • Bookcases
  • Flooring
  • Dining tables
  • Furnishings

8. Eye-catching doors

We know what you’re thinking, why on earth have we got decorative exterior doors on our top tips for INTERIOR DESIGN… however there is good reason for this. Good interior styling is all about creating a journey within your home, and where does the journey begin? Right at your own front door, which is why the importance of a powerful front-door should never be overlooked.

It is becoming more and more popular to create sharp, eye catching exterior so that onlookers and visitors are left in wonder. This can be done in a number of ways, in particular the 80’s suburban home style is making a real comeback in this regard.

The benefits:

  • Creates an iconic look
  • Shows individuality and character
  • Makes a bold impression upon first glance
  • Goes with almost any wall exteriors
stand out doors
eye catching doors

9. Industrial metallics

Industrial interior styling has become widely used in recent times and is arguably one of the most popular styling trends to be used within the industry. The idea of using reclaimed wood and metal within your home really does nourish creativity, and can be incorporated into most homes.

Quite often this style of interior design can be kept fairly cheap if you have the right tools too as the materials can be picked up from scrap yards and other low budget sources. With reclaiming your own interior comes a great sense of accomplishment too.

Ways to incorporate metal into your home:

There are multiple ways in which you can incorporate metallics throughout your home within a number of your key rooms:

  • Shelving
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Countertops
  • Containers
  • Lighting

10. Global well being

This has been covered briefly in the previous points, however the effectiveness of using nature within your home mustn’t be overlooked in any way:

Global well being is perhaps one of the hottest trends to focus on at the moment. With the clear problems being caused throughout the world it is great to see people combating these issues in their very own home.

Adding potted plants really adds an element of nature, with is great as this can be incorporated into most interior style designs and ideas. This is arguably most effective when used with both wood, stone and even in some cases metal as this really brings back the power of nature and highlights the implications of neglecting this.

The best fauna and flora to use were mentioned in the second top tip, so please see above for some of the best ferns to use in your home and how their patterns and textures can be utilised effectively, including the improvement of the feng shui in your room.

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