White and Grey Small Bedroom Ideas

White and grey small bedroom ideas

Just because a bedroom is smaller in size it doesn’t mean that this space cant be utilised and decorated. Quite often we find people giving up on their bedroom simply because “there’s not enough space”, however this simply should not be the case.

Check out our top design ideas for white and grey small bedrooms.

white and grey bedroom

As your bedroom is smaller in size it does mean that the number of options are reduced when it comes to interior styling. One of our go-to styles when it comes to small bedroom ideas is creating a white/ grey colour theme throughout the room. There are a number of reasons for this, including the following:

Things to consider for your small white/ grey bedroom

  1. Feature wall
  2. Utilising light
  3. Keep it simple
  4. Potted plants
  5. Brightly coloured cushions

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Feature wall

Adding a feature wall to your bedroom will shift the point of interest from the limited space to that specific wall. Not only does this draw away from the dimensions of your room, but also adds a great deal of sentiment, as you can create a collage of images and papers that mean a lot to you.

feature wall
white bedroom lamp
window and lamp
small bedroom window

Utilising Light

Utilising light is essential when using a white and grey interior as this will remove any shadowing throughout the room (which creates harsh defining lines). This can be done in a number of ways, including both natural and artificial lighting.

Here are some of the options you can choose from in your own home:

Natural lighting

Harvesting natural light as much as possible is great, as this will really open up the room further (and of course is a green alternative to artificial lighting). You can do this by adding voile curtains, potentially under your regular curtains, in order to maintain natural light while keeping personal privacy.

Take a look at this great Voile curtain by clicking here: Deconovo Line Semi Transparent Curtains

Artificial lighting

If natural light can’t be acquired (for whatever reason) then artificial light can be a great alternative. There are many different forms this can be showcased as shown by the following:


Lamps are a great way to increase the visibility in the room. In white and grey interiors silver lamps are known to stand out very well, as showcased by this superb lighting addition:

Product: ZOE Crackle Mosaic Table Lamp – Silver – £17.46


Although LEDs aren’t generically seen as a bedroom lighting option, used in the right way they can really make a room glow. The following LEDs have many different options for display including flash, fade and solid colours. The white colour option would be great to used just behind a mirror or even below your bed, as this will appear more natural than some of the other variants.

Not only do these lights look great but they’re also very durable and have been known to last a long time without too much wear and tear.

Product: LE 12V DC RGB LED Strip Lights – £15.99

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a great way to add a little extra light into your bedroom. Generically hung above the headboard and along the top of mirrors and paintings, it can really build the atmosphere in smaller rooms with a grey and white style. We’ve found a great option for fairy lights here:

Product: Indoor Fairy Lights with 100 Warm White LEDs – £7.49

Keep it simple

Keeping it simple and not over cluttering you room is key when trying to create the illusion of more space. Having too many pieces of furniture to the point where items are stacking on top of one another will just make the room feel small, so strip back to the bare essentials and make sure your room is kept tidy.

interior style plants
hanging house plant
interior styling plants

Potted Plants

Although this one may seem strange, we cannot stress enough how important incorporating potted plants and nature into your bedroom is when keeping with the white and grey theme. White naturally makes the colour green stand out, so any foliage you have in your room will be an immediate draw. Not to mention nature brings open space and freedom to mind, essential for any space restricted bedroom.

If sunlight is hard to come by in your bedroom and you think plants would struggle to grow, there are some great artificial alternatives that you can choose from:

brightly coloured cushions

Although cushions seem more of an accessory to a room more than anything, in a situation where you have a white and grey small bedroom they can really add dimension and value to your aesthetic. Due to the neutral tone of the room a brightly coloured pillow will be a stand out object and will be sure to catch the eye of onlookers. 

small bedroom ideas

These pillows/ cushions can be placed on either a small sofa or a bed (depending on how much room you have) but either way it is sure to be an effective approach to improving your bedroom.

Thank you for reading through our article and of course let us know what you think on some of our top recommendations, we’d love to hear your feedback!