Top 5 Alessi Products

Top 5 Alessi Products

Alessi was founded in 1921 and was considered a workshop for the processing of brass and nickel silver sheet metal. However, Alessi always stood out above the rest as having a high quality service and specialising in nickel and brass tinkering.


Today they are widely known for their creative takes on every day objects and are one of the most popular distributors of their funky creations. From table sets to cat bowls, there’s nothing that Alessi wont touch! Take a look at what we consider (after great debate) the top 5 Alessi products in terms of value for money and usefulness within a home:

1. Alessi Ghost bottle stoppers – £7.00

These bottle stoppers are simple yet effective and really highlights where Alessi stands out above its competition. Limited detail, small in size and no colour used – yet these cute little bottle stoppers are sure to make anyone smile!

Link: Di Alessi Bottle Stoppers – Set of Two, Black/ White

2. Black bottle opener w/ teeth – £11.00

Again, simple yet effective. One of two things happens when you ask someone for a bottle opener. 1) they bite the bottle cap off or 2) someone slams your drink on a table or bench. have a third otpion available to you with this fun bottle opener created by Alessi!

Link: Di Alessi Bottle Opener

3. Amir & Camelus Hand-Decorated Porcelain Figurines – £18.00

These funky little hand-painted figures are a great addition to your home. Quite often they are placed within a home cactus pot to mimic the Egyptian Desert. However you aim to use these in your home, they’re sure to be a great addition!

Link: Alessi Amir & Camelus Hand-Decorated Porcelain Figurines

4. Hand-decorated parrot corkscrew – £31.00

On the contrary to the previous Alessi products, this hand crafted parrot corkscrew is vibrantly coloured and really grabs your attention when used. Despite looking like more of a decorative item than anything, the usability of this item is also fantastic.

Link: Alessi Hand-decorated Parrot Corkscrew

5. Alessi Tigrito cat bowl – £47.50

For any and all cat lovers out there – this food & water bowl is essential for your feline friend. Its simple, effect and will be sure to make your inquisitive cat take a look. Its sleek black design means that it will work with virtually any colour scheme too!

Link: A di Alessi Tigrito Cat Bowl

So there we have it, our top 5 Alessi products currently available online today. If you have any questions on the chosen products or wish to learn more on Alessi then please let us know, as we’ll be happy to assist where need be. 

Do you disagree with any of the choices we made and think you know an Alessi product of better quality than the ones shown? Let us know and we’ll be happy to share your thoughts online for other readers to enjoy too!

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