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When it comes to interior design inspiration it can get quite confusing and difficult to decide which path to take and what will best suit your home and living space. This is why we offer the top interior design inspiration and ideas online, so that you can rest easy knowing you’re making the right decision.

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We offer many house styling ideas including traditionalbohemian and the current most popular trend; industrial. Not only do we showcase the benefits and results of these styles, but we also recommend products and furniture to go in your home ranging from luxury items to budget pieces for an authentic rustic look.

Our house styling ideas really are crucial for you to maximise the given space in your home!

In this day and age the go-to house styling ideas change with every season, which is why staying up to date with the most current style online is essential. Doing this will keep you in the know how of the decor trends and give you the best interior design inspiration possible.

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Take a look at some of the top interior design tips (among many) that will help you when deciding how you want your home to look and feel:

  1. Lighter colours make a room feel larger.
  2. Use decorative mirrors to increase light.
  3. Give your furniture some breathing room.
  4. Create a focal point.
  5. Consider the sight lines.

When choosing a colour palette, assign 60 percent of the room a dominant colour, 30 percent a secondary colour, and 10 percent an accent colour.

In a generic room setting, this may translate to designating walls to the dominant colour, upholstery the secondary variant, and the use of flora and fauna utilising the accent colour. It is worth noting that the use of mirrors in a room will really lighten the perspective.

Its the 21st century and technology is everywhere, so there is no need to try and discreetly hide televisions and speakers around your home. A well placed speaker or audio system can actually end up as a key feature in your room in many cases.

Inspiration For Interior Design

House styling ideas can literally come from anywhere.. from looking at a plant, some reclaimed wood or even a single chair… any and all items can shape the way you style your room. Although we welcome the inspiration and admire the creativity behind this, you should never rush into something as this could drastically affect your home in the long run.

If you come across any interior design inspiration and would like to share these ideas online then by all means contact us today and we will credit you with the results!

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There is a common mistake most new homeowners make when coming up with new house styling ideas – too many small, spindly pieces of furniture in a single room. A room with simple chairs, leggy tables and lots of small knick-knacks only serve to clutter the room and confuse the eye, taking away from some real eye-opening opportunities for interior design inspiration.

Instead try for a room that is well mixed. Have a large sofa, some stand out chairs and a rustic style full length mirror. Mix it up, try something new and you’ll be sure to see some results and further increase your portfolio of house styling ideas.


Can I do interior design?

Of course, anyone and everyone can try their hand at interior design. With the right knowledge and guidance from the right sources either online or through magazines – anything to get some quality interior design inspiration. House styling ideas can come from anywhere, so start searching today!

We spend a lot of time on researching what works best in certain spaces to give the highest quality house styling ideas, so you can be sure that the products and furniture we recommend is worth getting.

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